Terms and Conditions

All bookings are made subject to Elite Central Travel terms and conditions below and the specific booking conditions of your relevant Travel Supplier. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read, understood and agree both prior too booking.


Delays to Service

Elite Central Travel can accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for traffic congestion, road accidents, adverse weather conditions or other matters outside its reasonable control, which may cause delay. Both parties expressly recognize in transport such as minibus hire that buses can be late as a normal cause of business without negligence on behalf of the minibus hire company (typically due to previous customer delays, traffic, accidents and mechanical problems).

If any driver is delayed by more than 60 minutes with one of our minibuses getting to the passengers then a refund may be considered. If we are unable to replace a delayed minibus within 1 hour and 30 minutes and the client chooses to make their own alternative travel arrangements they will be entitled to a refund for that leg of the journey.

If for any reason the driver has to re-route the journey due to traffic, adverse weather conditions or any unforeseen reasons and cannot get the passengers to the destination on time, neither the driver or Elite Central Travel will be held liable for any loss incurred for e.g. missed flights, paying extra for alternative transport, missed events or lateness to meetings etc. Also if the vehicle allocated to the journey has a mechanical issue prior to the journey or on the journey and Elite Central Travel cannot find an alternative vehicle, Elite Central Travel will not be held liable for any loss incurred and will not pay out any compensation under any circumstance; at managements discretion they may allow the deposit to be refunded.


Cancellation Policy


If the Customer cancels a booking in writing with more than 5 days left before the date of travel, other than the initial deposit paid by the Customer, the Customer will have no further costs to pay.

If the Customer cancels a booking with less than 2 days’ notice, payment in full will be due to Elite Central Travel from the Customer.

Deposits are non refundable on bookings cancelled by the Customer. We are however prepared to roll over deposits onto alternative trips at the time of cancellation.

Travel Suppliers

Elite Central Travel can act as an interface between you and a various third party supplier of travel services (“Travel Suppliers”) through which you can book the transport you need for your journey. When Elite Central Travel processes your booking the contract will be between you and the third party Travel Supplier. Elite Central Travel accepts no responsibility or liability for the acts or services provided by Travel Suppliers.  Any journeys carried out with Elite Central Travel clients without pre-arrangement through Elite Central Travel booking staff will not be insured and the travel company will be liable for a 50% fee of the journey.


Damages / Spillage


Any damage/spillage caused by the passengers will be charged accordingly by the driver at a minimum rate of £100 this also includes soft drinks water wine spirits or any form of liquid.

Any fines for misuse, damage or spillages have to be paid in cash/card to the driver, prior to leaving the vehicle.

Smoking or Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in any of our vehicles.


Extra drop offs / re route / extra hours


Any extra drop offs which are not included on the initial booking will be charged at a minimum of £10 per drop at the drivers discretion, any amount charged will have to be paid in cash or card to the driver. If for any reason the customer requires extra stay by the driver, if the driver can accommodate their requirements, they have to pay £45 per hour minimum charge and a rate of £45 per hour thereafter.